Free advertising for “jardineros verdes”

Following up on the search engine optimization thread, I did a google search for “jardineros verdes” and “jardineria verde”, and comes up respectively #1 and #2 (in the second case, right below This reflects the repeated use of the phrase in vozmob stories , along with the fact we now embed keywords in the urls (like: Not a bad way to promote this new IDEPSCA program.

It might be interesting to translate these stories, and to see how vozmob then ranks on “green gardening” and “green gardeners” searches. (for the moment, vozmob isn’t among the first 250 results)

We probably don’t want to push this too far, but it could be worth bringing this up in one of the workshops. There may be other key phrases people want to start using…


One thought on “Free advertising for “jardineros verdes”

  1. I’m hoping for a volunteer to the translation. We can’t right now. Too many things on our plate. Thanks for the info

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