Teaching With Technology

On May 5, 2009, we presented vozmob at USC’s “Teaching With Technology” conference. After a quick overview of the project, Madelou described the project from the PCT’s point of view and presented one of her stories. The panel continued with Bill Celis and Brian Frank presenting Intersections, another ASC project with which we are starting to collaborate.

The TWT09 panels covered a lot of ground, but one strong theme running through the morning’s three panels was ‘storytelling’. The morning’s first presentation showed how USC French language classes use the testimonies by holocaust survivors collected by the Shoah Foundation. Colin Keaveney emphasized the value of emotional engagement with the stories as part of language acquisition. Tara McPherson described Vectors and the multimedia telling of academic research stories it allows.

Multimedia literacy, at its heart, is about storytelling: cultivating the skills required to tell a compelling story, acquiring the ability to understand and interpret the stories told. While this is nothing new, digital technology multiplies the ways in which stories can be told, and what can happen to the stories after they are told. We ought to explore this more carefully as part of vozmob.


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