Help Us Win $25K! Vote for VozMob in the N2Y4 Challenge!

Vote for VozMob!To everyone reading this, thanks for your interest and support to VozMob thus far. Up until now, we’ve contributed in our own ways, but now we have the opportunity to take COLLECTIVE ACTION.

Voz Mob is in the running for a $25,000 prize from NetSquared’s N2Y4 Mobile Challenge. All we need to do is be voted as one of the top 14 contestants by the end of the week. So here’s what you can do in three easy steps:

Step 1: Register on Netsquared:

Step 2: Vote for us in the N2Y4 Mobile Challenge Project Gallery!  Click here to get started:
N2Y4 Mobile Challenge
Note: The voting system requires you to choose three projects before you cast your ballot, so vote for us and at least 2 others from the project gallery. Once you’ve picked 3, you’ll see the “cast ballot” link appear in the right column of the page. Click the “cast ballot” link and you’re done! Here’s the link to our project:

Step 3: Spread the word! Please pass the word along to your friends on your social networks, twitter accounts, Facebook status, etc. Use this message:

VozMob entered the N2Y4 challenge!
Please Vote for us by Friday, April 10!

The voting window is really short. It closes at 3pm Pacific Time this Friday, but we think we have a real shot at getting it as long as we get everyone to cast a vote.

Thanks for your continued support!


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