People are talking about us!

Since we’ve been gaining exposure through conference presentations and special guests during our research class, we’ve decided to keep track of and post links to stories written about the project here. Click on the “project buzz” tag to see what’s come up. Here are a couple of examples.

Idea Lab
Mobile Voices and the Ethical Responsibilities of Citizen Journalism Training
By David Sasaki
March 5, 2009

Last week I gave a guest lecture to USC’s COMM620 “research seminar on mobile phones, online community, and social change.” The course is the academic component of an ambitious project called Mobile Voices, funded by the Annenberg Program on Online Communities, the Social Science Research Council, and the Nokia Research Center. It is a great example of academia, for-profit, and non-profit coming together to work on something that stands to benefit them all as well as the community they are targeting – in this case, migrant day laborers [read more]

Mobile Voices – Hilary’s Project
March 2008

After hearing Professor Bar discuss the various projects he was involved with on the first day of class, one that struck me as something I would be interested in was the Mobile Voices project.  Hence, it is now what I will be participating in over the course of the semester.

In short, Mobile Voices, according to its proposal to the Knight Foundation, is “a storytelling platform for immigrants in Los Angeles to create and publish stories about their community directly from cell phones.”  Though the project has many levels, I will provide a brief overview: [read more]


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