Brief notes on PCT workshop, Jan 13 2009

Here are some notes from the PCT mtg 1.13.09:
– discussion of how PCT members interact with each other’s work
o edit each others’ work or even just read it?
o Start creating online dialogue? (leaving comments, etc)
o → encouraging online interaction
– reviewed IndyMedia’s site as a case of online dialogue but also editorial process & site’s structure (layout)

– 30 sec audio limit a problem from Zamoran’s phone – i.e. Zamoran made 6 audio clips for one interview (order that they appear in online also a problem?)
– need to be able to rotate photos
– need to change access restrictions so that you can’t edit each other’s posts?

– security concern: users currently need to log out each time, otherwise the computer keep you logged in and others can post/edit under your name

– limited memory in phones can be a hassle (e.g. Manuel’s phone)

– Manuel’s mutlimedia texts are not arriving in full; just 1 photograph. He has Boost service, but the problem seems to be a problem on our end. Sasha posted a bug note.


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