Digital Storytelling [Pingkan]

Coming from more of a social and cultural school of thought, I was particularly interested in the storytelling aspect of this project and how it facilitates day laborers in LA to get their voices heard. I realize that Mobile Voices is still in its early stages, and therefore, there is little content available for analysis. For that reason, I will be looking at several literatures, including the one by Nelson and Hull we discussed about in the previous session, to serve as a foundation for future discussions regarding the types of text, imagery and audio that users are keen to put forth. Addressivity was another concept that might be useful in thinking about who these day laborers are communicating their ideas to, and whether or not they consciously think about their audience when producing those postings. Part of the findings of my research study on cell phone users in Indonesia, was that people do consciously think about what kind of meanings they want to portray to their audience. Having a better understanding of the multi-languagedness of this medium will help the design of an interface that would encourage users to create a complex message through their storytelling.


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