Reading the vozmob blog via SMS

One of the current thrusts of our prototyping is to see how far we can push SMS/MMS in connection with our Drupal CMS.  In that spirit, I used to write a script that lets you read the vozmob blog via SMS.

To use it, you text commands like ‘vozmob keyword’ to 368638 (spells ‘DOTNET’ on your keypad).

So, for example:

“vozmob zamoran” will get you back a menu of the 10 latest blog entries by madelou. you then reply with the number of the entry you want to read.

This is currently set up to work for the following authors:

adolfo, crijim, manuel, zamoran, amanda, joefilms, schockmob, mfb, and fbar. (let me know if you want to be added)

you can also text:

“vozmob nuevo” to get the latest 10 postings by everyone

“vozmob ayuda” to get instructions

“vozmob” alone gets you a welcome message

You can abbreviate keywords. if that’s ambiguous, you’ll get a request for clarification. So: “vozmob ad” gets you adolfo’s blog, and “vozmob a” will ask you whether you meant ayuda, amanda or adolfo.

The next step would be to get replies as MMS that include the pictures and recordings that are part of each posting.

For an explanation of how that was done, see

Privacy policy: (the service logs your phone number, your carrier, plus any information you chose to disclose)

My cmrl script is at (feel free to suggest improvements for the Spanish phrases…)


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