Keeping phone numbers private

There are all kinds of ways in which senders’ phone numbers keep popping up on the various on-line tools we use… This is a problem which I think can’t really be solved because each carrier does things differently and we won’t manage to prevent all possoble leaks. But it would be a lot easier if we were able to bypass tools we can’t control (like flickr or gizmo) and post directly to our drupal site.

Case in point: MMS sent to foto at vozmob dot net gets sent to flickr and reposted to our drupal site. When sent via Boost Mobile, the picture arrives on flickr with a comment that contains an invitation to view the picture on Boost’s mediamail site. If you follow the URL, you can see the caller’s number. (and on that page, if you click on “privacy” you get to the Boost faq, which has nothing to say about privacy. searching the faq for ‘privacy’ yields “No search results found.”)

Some of that we can redact, as I did here and here (although clearly, doing this on a case by case basis is not a good long-term solution). But the Boost version remains…

(plus, there is all that other added stuff Boost sends as well, which also includes links to pages that show senders’ numbers)


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