HowTo: Setting up a new GoPhone bought from ATT

We’ve been using “GoPhone”, the pre-paid phones from AT&T, to experiment with blogging via MMS. The main reason for that choice is the price of ATT’s messaging plans and the fact they apply to pre-paid phones.  This should be straightforward… but in our experience so far, nothing really works out of the box. Here are the steps:

To set up new GoPhone with unlimited MMS

  1. write down all info: IMEI, SIM #, phone#, model # etc… -– you will need this for step 8.

  2. charge battery

  3. activate online (put $25, on vozmob P-card)

  4. call 611, apply $20 of that to ordering the messaging package

  5. log on to, set up the online acct (you’ll need to have the phone next to you and turned on, as password gets sent by SMS)

  6. test sending MMS to other phones and to

  7. (step 6 usually fails, but who knows…)

  8. call customer service to set up MMS: 1800 901 9878 – Call from a different phone since you’ll need to do stuff to the cell phone. It’s also useful to have another cell phone so you can test sending MMS from one to the other.

  9. complain about not getting the $10 bonus they promised.

  10. keep track of all this in writing


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