Testing: Recording / Posting sound clips (SGH-C417)

This recording was made on a Samsung SGH-C417 using the voice recorder, then sent to research@vozmob.net.

  • This phone records the clip as amr (adaptive multi-rate codec) file – mailhandler translates to wav.
  • Max recording length on this phone is about 25 minutes, but the file size limit to send it by MMS is 95K, or just about 2 minutes. (that’s a handset limitation – carrier limit for ATT is 300k)
  • The original amr file was 92K; converted wav 10x as big

Key Sequence:

  1. Go to recorder: Menu > MyStuff (7) > Audio (1) > Record (4)
  2. Record: Select [starts recording] – Select [stops recording].
  3. Send: Options > Send (1) [places you in the MMS menu]

En Español:

  1. Abrir la grabadora: Menú > Mis Cosas (7) > Audio (1) > Grabar (4)
  2. Grabar: Selecc. [grabando] – Selecc. [parar la grabación].
  3. Enviar: Opc. > Enviar (1) … [menú MMS]

Somewhat more complex than just calling the voice mail number, but:

  • you can add a subject; send along a short text describing the recording.
  • you can pause and restart the recording as you produce it (e.g. you could set it up to do an interview, press the button when the interview subject is ready)
  • costs only 1 cent (with ATT MMS package)
  • I renamed the file before sending it, but that got lost.

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