9/04/08 PCG meeting notes

**what are we calling this group? for now i’ll call it the PCG – pop comm group

*in attendance: amanda, francois, melissa, carmen, PCG (madelou, adolfo, manuel)

During this meeting we had three main objectives:

1. teach PCG how to use gcast and have them practice

2. teach PCG how to upload MMS messages from a phone to the blog

3. talk about how these tools might be useful for the newsletter

All of these activities were very successful, everyone was able to upload audio and photos to the blog and they said the instructions we gave them were very straightforward. We noticed that some phones might have a limit on the length of text for MMS messages, so captions/subject lines may need to be fairly short. When we brainstormed how these tools can be useful, we received the following suggestions:

  • we should include IDEPSCA’s name as much as possible (in audio, captions of photos, etc.) so that the stories can be connected to IDEPSCA and the day laborer program
  • the focus of the project should always be changing the image of immigrants and we need to think about how these tools can help us do that
  • madelou suggested that we use this system to send out raid alerts or to help in some form of emergency mass communication
  • manuel reminds us that we need to focus on how these tools can help workers find jobs because right now that is their main priority
  • adolfo suggests that the blog can have different sections, much like a newspaper with audio/visual stories that are about particular topics such as news, commentary, sports, etc.
  • francois suggests that we can have weekly themes for the blog
  • manuel liked the idea of participants having their own personal blog aside from the main one (he said it would be great if they could send their family/friends a link and have them look at any photos/audio they wish to upload (for free!) — (francois said this is definitely do-able)
  • some barriers to using these tools: type of phone, minutes in plan, COSTS!

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