uploading photos from RAZR to MAC

I just played around with my phone and realized that it’s very easy to upload photos using bluetooth. Here’s what I did:

1. first I had to turn on the bluetooth on my Mac and make it discoverable

2. on the Razr I went to settings -> connection -> bluetooth link -> setup

3. I clicked on Find Me and the bluetooth temporarily powered ON so that it could connect to my computer.

4. the computer automatically found my phone and I opened the images folder to copy all my photos onto the computer. You can also select only certain photos to copy.

I can now delete the photos from my Razr and make space for new ones. This was all surprisingly easy — but of course having bluetooth on both devices facilitates the process!


One thought on “uploading photos from RAZR to MAC

  1. Congratulations!
    We should add “Bluetooth” to the specs of the computers we will put in the IDEPSCA centers.

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